The Bulgarian supercomputer cluster Avitohol will have also ability to run VMs, using Openstack. The restriction of no-public IPs for the VMs may be lifted in the future, if there is substantial need for such kind of virtual machines for the services.

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CyI Cloud Facility

The CyI Cloud Facility is a cloud infrastructure pilot based on OpenStack and hosted on two different systems – upon 16 IBM x3550 and upon 6 Dell PowerEdge servers with 32GB and 196GB memory per server respectively. With 176 CPU cores and 60TB storage the system will soon be available for users to use its services.

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Cloud Computing infrastructure at ETFBL-CC01 is to be used for project needs in areas of general services and applications as well as hosting services to be used for Source Code Repository, Helpdesk/Trouble Ticket System and as a Monitoring System development environment. This installation is also closely related to ETFBL-CS01 which will provide additional storage for those needs.

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IIAP Cloud

IIAP Cloud offers cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) using the OpenStack middleware. The cloud infrastructure consists of 2 servers and 96 VM-cores. The virtual image repository consists of customized Oss for earth science and life science communities.

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InfraGRID Cloud

InfraGRID Cloud offers cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS). The cloud infrastructure is powered by OpenStack technology.

The virtual image repository consists of several basic images supported by OpenStack. InfraGRID Cloud uses KVM as a virtualization technology so, in general, any HVM (hardware virtual machine) compliant image can be supported by InfraGRID Cloud.

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IUCC InfinityCloud

The IUCC InfinityCloud Facility is a cloud infrastructure pilot based on OpenStack and hosted on 75 IBM x3450 servers with 64GB memory per server. With 560 CPU-cores and 40TB storage, the system will soon be available for users to use its services.

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RENAM Scientific Cloud (RSC) is deployed using OpenStack 13.1.1 Mitaka middleware. The deployed cluster contained two computing nodes, one Controller (Virtual Machine) and had in total 16 CPU cores, 32GB of RAM and 1 TB HDD storage. In RSC installed digital certificate TERENA SSL CA 3. Access to RSC resources provided via https://cloud.renam.md. First OpenStack (Mirantis 7 Fuel) was deployed during participation in the GN3plus project service activity SA2 “Testbed as a Service” – GEANT Testbed Service (GTS, http://services.geant.net/gts).

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MK-04-FINKI_CLOUD is a cloud infrastructure based on OpenNebula and is hosted on 15 HP blade servers, each with 24GB RAM and 12 HT CPU cores, totalling in 432 vCPU cores and 17TB of storage. The system is in production from 2014 as a National and EGI FedCloud integrated cloud system.

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GRNET has developed its own IaaS cloud solution which is providing virtualized computing resources for free to the Greek Universities and public Research Centres that already utilize GRNET's network infrastructure and services. The cloud service called ~okeanos is operated using an in-house developed software stack called Synnefo. The software builds on top of existing proven open source software (e.g. Google Ganeti), enhanced and expanded in order to provide a robust and complete IaaS cloud solution. ~okeanos is currently used on daily basis by thousands of users, university students, researches and members of the academia.

GRNET operates ~okeanos via the company-owned data center which currently comprises 22 racks, 400+ servers and 4 Petabytes of storage. The servers were ~okeanos is hosted have the following characteristics:

  • CPU: dual AMD Opteron 6172, 2100MHz, 12cores
  • Memory: 192GB (24x8GB)
  • Disk: 8x600GB SAS
  • Network: 4x1G + IPMI (iLO)
  • Size: 2RU

This infrastructure is currently being extended with additional hardware and different architectural configurations (SSDs, GPUs etc), in order to satisfy the increasing and diversifying demand for computing resources.

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Faculty of Information Technology of Polytechnic University of Tirana has part of the grid system created in framework of former FP7 SEE-GRID projects supported by the national programme for R&D. The plans are to use this infrastructure to set-up and integrate in the future virtualized cloud infrastructure resources. The plan includes installation of OpenStack cloud management platform supporting virtualization technologies such as Xen or KVM. The idea is to support two functionalities: (a) increased flexibility by running different application on different operating systems thus widening the support for different research communities; and (b) to open the possibility for virtual resource management for performance and energy optimizations.

The cluster consists of 8 node cluster. Each node is an HP ProLiant DL320 Server with dual-core Intel Xeon 3040, 1.86GHz, 2GB RAM + 80GB HDD and two Gigabit Ethernet cards. Total number of cores is 16. We plan to upgrade memory to 4-8 GB per node and add an additional number of 6 nodes reaching in total 14 nodes or 28 cores. We plan to setup and run the OpenStack cloud platform on Ubuntu 14.0.4 server using KVM virtualization hypervisor. Two nodes will be used for controller and storage/network service while 6 nodes as compute nodes. It will run a minimum of 12VM with (1VCPU + 1GB RAM + 30GBHDD) per VM and later the number and capacity of VMs can be increased depending on the upgrade of hardware. For the project the total available amount of cloud resource will be 6VM (1VCPU + 1GB RAM + 30GB HDD) per VM starting from month 10 of the project. In total, it will be dedicated: 6VM-cores, 52,560 VM-hours.

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