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DCH & Life Sciences & Climatology

  • Hamaarag Collection

    A collection, dated back to the beginning of the 20th century representing the flora of the Southern Levant, a culture heritage. It is very important to catalogue the collection and photo the specimens in 3D. The morphological and molecular studies of the specimens will use state of the art technologies. Their innovation is to associate species with their parasite and compare it to modern days in order to determine the changes over time.

    The Hamaarag datasets can be accessed through this link.


  • The Aharoni Online Digitized Collection

    The “Aharoni” Online Digitized Collection is an innovative project aimed at creating a suitable platform for presenting and preserving the greatest Levantine faunal collection from the beginning of the 20th century. Natural History collections are rich repositories that document our planet’s past and present ecosystems and represent a monumental societal investment in research and applied environmental science. The National Natural History collections at the Hebrew University curate sole collections, The “Aharoni” collections, that are comprised of unique fauna (avian, amphibian, reptiles and mammalian) collections and archive material, are the sole direct evidence of the species richness and biodiversity of the Levant region at the beginning of the 20th century. The archival material includes historical documents describing Aharoni's numerous zoological expeditions through the Levant, his comments on specimens, ecological description of habitat that are gone, buried under cities and roads, and other valuable information associated with his studies.

    The Aharoni datasets will be available soon.


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