Application-level services, such as Clowder and the Live Access Server, are made available through the VRE portal. The responsible scientist/developer must ensure that each service is integrated on the VRE portal and directly accessible through the VRE. The description of these applications, along with the contact details of the responsible scientist to support the operation of these applications, and links to the documentation and training will be provided on the VRE portal. The documentation on how to access and use the applications must be uploaded to the wiki, and training material on how to use it for scientific purposes will be uploaded to the training portal.

The following steps should be followed when a new Application-level service is made available: 

  1. The service is up and running
  2. The service is registered to the Vi-SEEM service catalogue
  3. Service documentation is uploaded to the VI-SEEM wiki. This should include: 
    1. How to access the service 
    2. How to use the service
  4. Related training material is uploaded to the VI-SEEM training portal. This should include
    1. Application scientific explanation
    2. How-to use guides
  5. Sent the above information (including links to training material and documentation) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the Service to be listed in the VRE Portal