Regional community datasets must be uploaded to the hosted data services, as outlined by WP4. The submission of the data will be performed by the responsible scientist, who will submit, alongside the data, the form included in the Data Management Plan, with information about the description, format, size, type and associated metadata, as well as contact details of the responsible scientist. Upon submission, the respective Scientific Community leader will perform a quality check, a unique Persistent Identifier (PID) will be assigned to the dataset, and the data will become available for use, directly from the VRE portal.

The following steps should be followed when uploading a dataset: 

  1. Based on the type of dataset select the VI-SEEM data service that it should be uploaded to 
    1. VI-SEEM data repository 
    2. Application specific services
    3. External service (link to the data) 
  2. Upload the dataset to the selected service 
    1. Upload a dataset to the VI-SEEM data repository
    2. Upload a dataset to LAS (Climate Scientific Community)
    3. Upload a dataset to Clowder (DCH Scientific Community) 
  3. Contact the Scientific Community Leader for a Quality check
    1. Climate Scientific Community: Theo Chistoudias 
    2. DCH Scientific Community: Georgios Artopoulos
    3. Life Sciences Scientific Community: Zoe Cournia 
  4. Get a Persistent Identifier for your dataset
  5. Fill the Data Submission Form
  6. Sent the form along any other relevant information (training material and documentation) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order for the dataset to be linked through the VRE Portal