The VI-SEEM scientific application environment consists a collection of scientific service modules provided as a ready to use production environment in a number of VI-SEEM partner sites. A description of the each service module and its use cases will be provided on the VRE portal, with links to

  1. Accompanying documentation: The documentation must be made available in the VI-SEEM wiki, and must entail instructions on how to access, compile and/or use each service module.
  2. Training material: The training material will cover scientific aspects of the application, and must be hosted on the VI-SEEM training portal. 
  3. Contact details of the responsible scientist, who will be providing scientific support to future users of the VRE. The responsible scientist for each service module will then need to make sure that each service module, as defined in the VRE integration plan, is set up correctly, and that it works and is accessible to users as expected.  

In summary all the following checkpoints should be met for each service module:

  1. Service module is set up
  2. Service module is operational
  3. Service module is accessible to the users
  4. Service module is description uploaded to VRE portal
  5. Description conforms to Vi-SEEM service portfolio/catalogue categories
  6. Link to documentation is included
  7. Link to training material is included
  8. Contact details for responsible scientist are included
  9. Documentation is uploaded to VI-SEEM wiki including:
    1. Access procedure
    2. Compilation instructions
    3. Usage instructions
  10. Training material is uploaded to VI-SEEM training portal including:
    1. Service module scientific explanation
    2. Service module how-to guide
    3. Service module ViSEEM specific usage how-to guide (if needed)