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  • Data-Driven Crowds

    Today more people are living in urban environments than in rural areas. It is forecasted that 70% of the global population will be living in cities by 2050. This intense urbanisation poses huge challenges in overcrowding, segregation, demographics and use of resources. The main goal of this project is to innovate in the unified area of research that is occupied with the transdisciplinary study of crowds in built environment. The main outcome of this project would be a web-accessible, social platform that allows researchers from very diverse fields, such as Crowd Simulation, Urban Modeling and Simulation, Pedestrian Dynamics, Computer Graphics, Social Dynamics and Architecture to collaborate, share data and take advantage of each field’s breakthroughs in order to contribute more accurate crowd simulations for the future sustainability of urban environments. As a first step in the implementation of this project, tracked data of crowds from various sources in the Clowder platform of the VI-SEEM project are shared. 

    The datasets for this application can be accessed at this link.


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