Workflow, Pipelines and code repositories usually require small amounts of storage space and it is envisaged that after quality control, researchers should be provided with the appropriate storage to store their datasets for them to be accessible and freely available for other researchers to access without any form of restrictions. Workflow, pipeline and software repository tools should be added to the VRE portal through the following guidelines.

  1. Accompanying documentation: In case of code, files must be provided with instructions on how to access, compile and/or use it.
  2. Training material: The training material will cover scientific aspects of the application, and must be hosted on the VI-SEEM training portal. 
  3. Contact details of the responsible scientist, who will be providing scientific support to future users of the VRE. The responsible scientist for each contribution will then need to make sure that each contribution, as defined in the VRE integration plan, is set up correctly, and that it works and is accessible to users as expected. Finally, this scientist is responsible for contacting the platform support (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so that the VRE platform is updated.

Existing workflows and code can be found at the following pages:

  1. Scientific Workflows
  2. Code Repository

Contributing Workflows/Pipelines

Scientific workflows/pipelines can come in various forms:

  1. scripts that automate data generation and processing,
  2. interfaces that ease the use of tools and software applications and
  3. documents that describe scientific processes and/or training material in various formats (e.g., pdf, doc, ppt).

Depending on the workflow type (code or documents), files are submitted as follows:

  1. Scripts/Code: on the code repository (see also Contributing Code below)
  2. Documents: on the VI-SEEM repository following the guidelines for uploading datasets

Contributing Code

These steps should be followed when uploading code to the VRE portal:

  1. Upload your software to the VI-SEEM code repository
    1. Create a repository for each project
    2. Create a file that describes the project and how to compile and run
  2. Upload training material regarding the code in the “Training portal
  3. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make sure the application is listed in the “List of codes” under the relevant scientific community providing
    1. A description of the application
    2. Responsible scientist details 
    3. Links to documentation material 
    4. Links to training material